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Before Google, the Internet experience was very different, in fact, we can even say it was difficult and messy, search something you want was a headache and mostly you found nothing, some years ago Google become to change the way we use the Internet, but it’s not ended here nowadays Google it’s everywhere in our lives.
Google became a kind of omnipotent entity, it’s in our PCs, it’s in our houses, it’s in our cars too, even it’s in our body (wearables); so what’s next? well as many say the future is a combinación of human-machine.
But what’s wrong ?, The technology…

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What would you think if I tell you, you can program in .Net 3.1 and ASP Net in Linux with the Microsoft .Net SDK?, Well today it’s a reality and .Net 5 is coming soon (in fact you can test the preview version).

In the past months, Microsoft surprises us with more and more Microsoft Software that can run natively on Linux, in this post, I am going to teach you how to install the Microsoft .Net SDK on Linux and also how to create your first program using this SDK.

  1. Supported Linux distributions
  2. Install the .Net Code SDK &…

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Today we will play in two interesting examples using dojo/topic to send and receive messages, the possibilities are unlimited.

In the last post we learned how to create a simple To-Do application using Dojo Toolkit in a very didactic way, now we will do something more interesting, we will create a simple chat application (of course in the same browser window).

You can read the first part of this series here:

In this post:

A fast and furious review

Before starting whit this new quest in this recently started journey, we…

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What is Dojo Toolkit?

Dojo toolkit is another JavaScript framework that helps us to create web applications in a fast and easy way with a lot of functionality inside ready to use in any type of application, you can create a simple ToDo list or a complete enterprise application like IBM Content Navigator.

Unfortunately, Dojo Toolkit is not the most popular of the framework in the market, but it is used in a lot of custom enterprise application, some examples are applications based on IBM technology like IBM Content Navigator, IBM BPM, and IBM Case Manager (now IBM BAW), the…

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Today I will help you to learn something new that will help you at work or maybe in your personal or professional projects and that is Markdown.

I will not talk you about the Markdown history because everywhere do that and this is not a 100 pages or more book about Markdown. I want to teach you the basics about Markdown, so you can star writing with Markdown after finishing this article.

First, you can write Markdown in any flat text editor like Sublime, Notepad, Notpat++, VIM, Emacs, Nano, VS Code, etc. you only need to save it with the…

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¿How many time do you need to learn something new for your job or maybe for your school?, that is the story for all our lives, learn to apply and then success or obtain something that you need or want (money in the most cases).

But, not always it’s easy and of course it’s not as easy or fast as you expected. So, ¿How other people reach this goal you wants?, here does not exists a magic formula and these people are not gifted, they have skills that everybody can obtain.

Then, ¿What do you thing? you can take two…

Inicia sesión

Tu copia de Bizagi Modeler está asociada con la cuenta que registraste al momento de descargar Bizagi Modeler, y esa misma cuenta es la que necesitaras para poder utilizarlo

Una vez que has iniciado sesión ya podras utilizar Bizagi Modeler

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In this article I will show you how to start with Fedora CoreOS (FCOS) in your PC using KVM, libvirt and QEMU.

The first thing that do you need to do, is install KVM, QEMU, libvirt and other tools; for this lab I will use Ubuntu, but you can adapt the corresponding commands to your distro.

Get Fedora CoreOS

First of all, you will need a Fedora CoreOS image ready to run on libvirt (a qcow2 file) and you can download this from:

Select the QEMU option, this will download a qcow2.xz file (compressed with XZ, so you will need to decompress it)

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Aumenta leads, retención y engagement con las dimensiones de imágenes correctas en tus publicaciones o publicidad para Facebook

Facebook es una herramienta de marketing que debe de saber ser aprovechada para generar el impacto correcto en el momento deseado sobre el espectador, la principal herramienta de Facebook para impactar al espectador es el contenido visual, no el texto y es por ello que es importante poner atención al detalle de que las publicaciones se visualicen como debe de ser para generar el impacto correcto y es que, ¿cuantas veces no hemos visto publicaciones arruinadas por imágenes recortadas, imágenes re-escaladas incorrectamente…

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Bizagi Modeler es una aplicación que permite generar mapas de procesos basados en BPMN, está herramienta permite publicar los procesos en formatos PDF, Wiki, Web o Sharepoint; o bien, ser exportados a Visio o como imágenes.

¿Quieres aprender a utilizar Bizagi Modeler?

Aquí vas a aprender a los aspectos básicos de Bizagi Modeler y un poco de BPMN en una serie de artículos dedicados a que aprendas está herramienta muy util para generar tus mapas de procesos basados en BPMN, o bien, para practicar o aprender BPMN.

Descarga e instala Bizagi Modeler

Para comenzar…

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